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Café Mondegar – Your Home Away from Home

If there is one place in Mumbai that reminds me of “Cheers”, the famous Boston cafe immortalized in the American TV show by the same name, it’s Cafe Mondegar (or Mondy’s as the locals call it) on Colaba Causeway. Most Mumbaikars (i.e. Mumbai locals) frequent the cafe during their college days and then return to it for a sense of nostalgia, sometime later in life. Invariably it also becomes the Mumbai visitors� local haunt because this is where they can really get to know the locals. Property deals and business contracts are struck on a regular basis at this Mumbai landmark.

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Tulsi & Mint Sauce

Here is a delicious sauce made from mint and tulsi (also known as holy basil), two fragrant Summertime herbs.

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

While being green was once identified with Kermit the Frog or St. Patrick�s Day, the term has now become synonymous with eco-friendly values. The health of the planet is directly proportional to our individual health. Ayurvedically speaking, green is considered to be a cool color but in the business world green is hotter than ever. Many businesses are now looking to differentiate themselves by going green in their policy and practices.

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Teaching Your Kids Value for Money

Given the sorry state of the economy, I have been extra vigilant about spending. I also decided recently that this is as good a time as any to extend my kids’ understanding of ‘health’ to understanding the ‘health of the economy.’ So last week embarked on a discussion about dollars, cents and piggy banks which lead to the topic of resources and waste. A noble conversation I thought, at least in its inception.

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Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Although it grows wild just about all over India, this holy plant can be found in many homes and temple gardens. Ayurvedically speaking, it is the medicinal properties of tulsi that make it sacred.

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An Introduction to Ayurvedic Cuisine

How many times have you heard the cliche “You are what you eat?” I think that when it comes to staying healthy, most cliches originated from Ayurveda. According to this ancient healing science, everything that you eat, and the way you eat it, has a strong effect on your mind and body. So not only the food and herbs that you eat, but the amount you eat, the timing of your meals and snacks, and the combinations of flavors all influence your well being. Ayurvedically speaking, food and cuisine can have a medicinal effect. When you eat well, you maximize your vitality or ojas. Ayurveda recommends whole, nutritious foods and eating patterns that are tailored to balance your mind-body constitution or prakruti (primary dosha).

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Baby Product Companies Offset Carbon Emissions

It is nice to know that when it comes to respecting the health of the planet, corporations finally seem to be getting their act together. Baby Rain Inc., the owner and operator of and, announced today that it is offsetting its carbon emissions with, one of the country’s leading carbon offset organizations.

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