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Honey – The Cure For Just About Anything

I find it hard to identify my favorite Ayurvedic remedy, but if I must pinpoint a wonder-drug then honey is probably the first that comes to mind. The health benefits of honey are plenty, it has been used as a medicine for centuries.

Extremely high in antioxidants, honey is a great immune booster and has huge benefits for almost every dosha. Moreover, its soothing quality makes it perfect for healing wounds. Ayurvedically speaking, it has been used for situations related to internal or external bleeding.

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Can Moms Make Congress Members Wake Up and Smell the Coffee?

Do Mom activists have a much better chance of having their voices heard by Congress simply because of their motherhood status?

A couple of weeks ago, a series of murals painted by mothers and children were presented to members of Congress in various states, in an effort to call for stronger climate leadership. The murals served as a sharp reminder to Congress that the American public is ahead of their elected representatives on the issue of climate, and are demanding that Congress step up with strong, science-based policy.

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Are You Living A Toxic Life?

Ask yourself the question, then stop and think about the answer. Really think. Then ask yourself the question again. The truth is that even if you aspire and try to live a perfectly clean and healthy life, you are loaded with toxins. It is a good idea to stop and think about what make your lifestyle toxic.

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Protect Your Baby with Brain Boosting Baby Massage

Baby massage has become popular in recent years as moms and dads look for ways to bond with their babies. This tradition, which has been part of the Asian culture for generations, does so much more than simply support a loving parent-baby relationship. It makes for a happy, healthy and laughing baby.

Nurturing through massage has been shown to have many positive benefits for babies and young children, including growth and brain development, sensory integration, colic relief, sleep regulation, and enhanced verbal and nonverbal communication.

In South Asia, babies are massaged almost as soon as they are born. This is often done by a grandmother or midwife in the first few days of life, and the mother soon takes over this daily ritual as soon as she feels fit.

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