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Organic Beauty View: Blogging Your Green Beauty Needs

There was a time, not so long ago when looking for organic beauty products was a fairly easy exercise because they few and far between. Until fairly recently it was the norm to create products with chemical preservatives and artificial additives a plenty, the odd organic beauty product was typically high profile making it easy to identify. Today things have changed: practically every beauty product on the market contains some organic ingredients. How do you even begin to pick and choose where to go?

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Demi Moore Swears by Leeches Too!

Hollywood celebrities are trying their hand at Rakta Moksha detox techniques too. While most people squirm at the thought of blood sucking leeches, celebrities like Demi Moore are swearing by leech therapy to keep themselves toxin free and youthful. According to US Magazine, leeches are Demi Moore’s secret to looking sexy at the age of 45.

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Leech Therapy for Hair Loss

I have received a series of questions from various folks following my recent post Leeches Help You Live Longer. Although a bizarre concept for many, this detox ritual has been a mainstay of Indian medicine for centuries. Banaras Hindu Universtity recently released a news video showing leech therapy procedures for treating certain types of hair loss.

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Ayurvedic Detox: Leeches Help You Live Longer

While most people squirm at the thought of blood sucking leeches, Ayurvedic medicine has had an obsession with these creatures for centuries. Leeches are a critical player in an age old form of Ayurvedic detoxification known as Rakta Moksha i.e. the letting of toxic blood. The technique, drawn from ancient Ayurvedic scriptures such as the Charak Samhita and the Sushrut Samhita has been a stronghold of Indian village medicine for centuries, says Dr. O.P. Singh of Banaras Hindu University, India’s renowned Ayurvedic educational institution.

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Teach India: An Education Strategy for Underprivileged Kids

India might be one of the fastest growing economies in the world but how does an economy keep up with the rest of the world if it cannot fulfill basic human needs that are critical for economic growth? Food and population problems aside, the country faces a massive shortfall of qualified teachers at all levels of primary and secondary education.

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Ayurveda – An Ancient Tool for Modern Living

Many people ask me about Ayurveda – how it is applicable to modern life…is it applicable at all? While it might be hard to fathom how a system of medicine 5,000 years old can apply to us today, as an Ayurvedic traditionalist, I find comfort in knowing that although we have evolved as a race, our basic health needs and wants have not changed drastically over the course of civilization. And trherein lies the healing power of Ayurveda. I refer to it as a wisdom practice because its tried and tested methods have been passed down the ages as healing wisdom.

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The Basics of Ayurveda: The Longevity Medicine of India

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic health science from India. Sanskrit for “the Science of Life,” it is a set of self-care guidelines that will help you stay healthy by connecting the power of your mind with the physical health of your body. The term ‘medicine’ is considered limiting in the context of this life science, as it suggests healing only as a result of predetermined illness. Ayurveda, however, is a complete system that addresses the prevention of illness in addition to providing a systematic approach for diagnosing and treating negative health issues.

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Overpopulation: About More Than Climate Change

A continuous increase in global population rates could have an alarming impact on climate change. Leonardo Di Caprio´s documentary “The 11th Hour,” tells us that “the real problem is that there are too many of us – using too many resources – too fast.” CNN news reporter Anderson Cooper, recently produced a documentary film called “Planet in Peril” which points out the perils of overpopulation on our planet. “Overpopulation could be people, planet problem.”

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‘Labor of Love’ Story Published on Reuters

Eco Child’s Play recently ran a series of stories about women’s birth experiences. As a writer for the column I contributed, not specifically to share my own childbirth story (I am sure everybody would be happier if I spared the details) but because it drew light on something else: the interconnected bonds between mothers and daughters. Like most incidences in my personal history, my daughter’s birth…ten years ago, was a series of episodes in dysfunctional family behavior. That it engendered another intense mother-daughter relationship in our family is something which I have only recently begun to realize.

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Eco Zen Boutique – Where Going Green Is The Fashion

Along with a bunch of other green style writers, I have been putting together a bunch of posts related to this on Feel Good Style. Here is a recent post about Eco Zen Boutique, eco-friendly shopping site offers eco chic clothing, organic cosmetics, recycled handbags, earth friendly jewelry and green gifts and goodies at competitive prices.

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