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Real Estate Investment Without The Hassle

In the recent years, the Indian market has become populated with a variety of commerical and residential real estate investment vehicles that have made it easier for people to reap the benefits of its growing property market without actually buying a physical piece of property. Here is an article that I wrote recently about the various investment vehicles available to you. Check it out, you might find yourself itching to invest in an information technology park or a large scale shopping mall with a multiplex theater.

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Losing My Name: A Different Kind of Identity Theft

If you thought that identity theft was only about losing your credit cards or social security number, I hate to tell you that for many internet writers there could be much more to it. This week I had the most surreal experience.

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WNBC: June 19 2008

WNBC:Can Moms Make Congress Members Wake Up And Smell The Coffee?

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Reuters: May 13 2008

A story about Baby Product Companies Offsetting Carbon Emissions

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Labor Of Love: A Mother’s Work

Birthing A Child Is A Mother’s Work

Having deposited me at the hospital after I went into labor with my firstborn, my husband snuck around the corner with my father to grab some Indian food. Everyone had missed dinner given the excitement of my water breaking.

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