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Is Your Money Safe Where It Is?

Everyone is petrified of losing even more money than they already have. Yes, I mean even more, because I do not think that that there is anyone out there who has not lost something in this crazy whirlwind of stock market yo-yo-ing lately. And by anyone, I mean the average Joe out there…I am not referring to ex Lehman folks who have lost all of what they worked for these last several years, or the Morgan Stanley/Goldman Sachs folks who seem to be following in footsteps of their cousins at Lehman.

The good news is that according to Ron Lieber some investments might just be safe.

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Bailout Rejected: Will Free Market Economics Sustain Us After All?

It’s official, according to the New York Times, the bailout proposition has been rejected by the House of Representatives. The Dow Jones just plunged more than 400 points and America is standing up for itself as the bastion of free market economy!

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My Little Pakora: A New Line of Organic Baby Clothes Inspired By India

As an Indian, I have to say that I have a big soft spot for fashion that is inspired by or connected to South Asia. One thing I definitely missed about living in India when my kids were younger, was the opportunity to shop for them in the bazaars of New Delhi and Calcutta like my mom did for me.

So, I was absolutely thrilled to receive an email the other day from Sonia Gupta, a mom entrepreneur in Massachusetts, who has recently launched My Little Pakora, a website with Organic Baby Clothing and information on green living.

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Following India’s New Biofuels Policy, Renewable Energy Players Vie For Oilseed Cultivation

India’s new biofuels policy has been the talk of the town.
Biofuels Policy

First the Indian government releases its new biofuels policy setting a target of 20% ethanol and 20% biodiesel blending by 2017. The policy is questionable because as we all know, India is already suffering an inflation in food prices. While the new policy requires fuel crops are to be grown only on “waste lands”, we all know that Indian farmers work in their own economic interest. If they get more money from oilseeds, then that’s what they will look to cultivate.

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Who Hasn’t Seen Gorilla In The Greenhouse?

If there is one piece of animation that always puts a smile on my face, it’s Gorilla in the Greenhouse, a fun animation about Kijani, a wise green gorilla from the Congo basin and his four super eco San Francisco friends who get together to tackle environmental problems caused by the zany plans of Wormulus, a a power hungry worm.

The first episode known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is about the north pacific gyre, a swirling current in the Pacific ocean that macerates pieces of plastic down to sizes small enough to be swallowed by marine animals. Not to mention endanger their health. Recently an environmentalist duo, Marcus and Joel, from Southern California, decided to sail across the Pacific Ocean on a junk raft made from plastic bottles and recycled sailboat masts to raise awareness about plastics polluting our oceans.

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From Mortgage to Bailout: Understanding How The Problem Developed

In an effort to demystify the code, I recently put together a laypersons’ blogpost for Inspired Economist. Check it out to understand exactly how America went from mortgage to bailout:

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Palin Flirts With Zardari: Is This All We Have To Talk About?

I am not sure whether to laugh or to cry about the fact that with everything going on in the world, CNN has nothing better to do than report on Asif Ali Zardari’s flirtation with Sarah Palin.

Pakistan’s president tells Palin she is ‘gorgeous’ is the the headline on CNN’s article this afternoon.

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Beauty Tips For The Season: Autumn Skincare

Now that we are just past the autumnal equinox, it is time to shake up your beauty routine to adjust for the cooler months coming. The Fall is a time of change. Making small and subtle changes now will help you look and feel your best this season.

Here are some Fall beauty tips that are easy to incorporate into your routine.

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How Green Is Your City?

SustainLane, a San Francisco based green media company has just announced its brand new U.S. city rankings today. Starting in 2005, SustainLane went through an exorbitant examination of sustainability initiatives in U.S. cities looking at a variety of factors: average traffic commutes, affordable housing, waste diversion, green space, energy usage, green buildings, natural disaster risk, air quality, water quality, public transportation, local food sources, and government innovations. James Elsen, the founder of SustainLane explains it in his article What’s A Sustainable City, Anyway ?

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Death of Wall Street, Rise of Main Street

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc., Japan’s largest bank, will inject 900 billion yen ($8.4 billion) into Morgan Stanley to help it transition to a bank holding company. Goldman Sach’s strategy is slightly different albeit with the same ultimate objective i.e. to become a commercial bank. According to Bloomberg, Goldman already has in excess of $20 billion in customer deposits in two subsidiaries and is creating a new one, GS Bank USA, that will have more than $150 billion of assets, making it one of the 10 largest banks in the U.S.

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