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Tip’d: A Social News Site For Business and Financial News

Given the release of updated financial news from around the world every hour, readers are increasingly scouring the web to find the most current stories out there. Tip’d is here to answer your needs by delivering the best business stories recommended by other readers. Tip’d ( is a community for financial news, ideas, and tips.

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Carbon Sciences: Transforming CO2 Into Useful Technology

While many companies are looking to take advantage of the new tax credits extended to renewable energy industries, Carbon Sciences is looking to solve the problem by finding ways to convert emissions into highly valued useful carbonate products that are used in the paper and pharmaceutical industry.

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“Hydrogen Cities” To Build An Economy Of Hydroge

The latest news from the Reuters Global Environment Summit is that hydrogen cars could become a reality in California very soon. The state plans to build out “Hydrogen Cities” to support the hydrogen car industry. read more | digg story

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Ayurveda For Allergies

Although everybody hates the idea of allergies, the truth is that if you are healthy, an allergic response will protect your body against invasion by harmful agents. Secretions and inflammation help your immune cells impact the affected tissue by wash away toxins. ‘Allergies’ develop when these immune responses begin to occur on a excessive basis.

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How I Love Tina Fey As Sarah Palin On Saturday Night Live

Five weeks ago when Sarah Palin showed up on America’s political front page, all I could think and see was Tina Fey’s new material for sketch comedy. Read my thoughts instantly, my husband said to me, “Aren’t you just look forward to Saturday Night Live Now?”

Just a few weeks later, it has all come to life. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did an amazing rendition of Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago…on ‘hell’ weekend, right before Lehman Brothers went into bankruptcy. And then last night’s Saturday Night Live sketch about the vice presidential debate starring QueenLatifah as debate moderator Gwen Ifill and Tina Fey reprising her role as Governor Sarah Palin, just took the cake! For those of you who missed it, click here to see the video. An article in today’s New York Times entitled ‘Top Things Heard At A Palin Debate Camp’ included someone saying “Can Tina Fey just do the debate?”

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What Is the The Value of Water? You Vote Now

While we all know that there is no free lunch, reality is that very soon there might be no free water either. As both an industrial input and a prerequisite of life, water has become extremely scarce for roughly a billion people who do not have a constant supply of clean and safe water, so the issue is of extreme importance.

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Green Economy Will Rebound Faster From Financial Turmoil

The green economy shows signs of rebounding faster than others shaken by the global financial turmoil. There are several indicators pointing to the fact.

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$700 Billion Bailout Includes Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Now that the bailout has finally gone through, one of the best things about it is that includes tax credits for the wind and solar energy industries. perhaps America is on its way to energy independence after all….a hot topic in the Vice-Presidential debate last Thursday between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.

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San Francisco’s Fashion Scene: Is Sixth Street becoming the New Seventh Avenue?

Who says that San Francisco is about hippie fashion? Thanks to Yetunde Schumann and the Innovative Fashion Council of San Francisco, the Pacific metropolis is rapidly becoming identified with sustainable and environmentally conscious fashion. Indeed, Sixth Street is going the way of Seventh Avenue.

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Vice Presidential Debate: Palin vs. Biden on Global Warning

Who do you think actually takes a stronger stand on Global Warming? Although both Biden and Palin want to address the issue, in the Vice Presidential debates, they seemed to be coming from different points of view.

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