Today Americans woke up to the New America. One in which a black American will lead the way for the people. Where race will no longer transcend society. With a black family in the White House, can there still be shades of gray?

The Obama generation is young. The astounding numbers of first time voters were under 30, under 40. But this very youth stands for an old world value: Transformation. It is the essence of existence, the necessary event that must occur to enable the life to cleanse itself of darkness before settling into the healing comfort of light. A concept as old as life itself, yet a context that is totally modern.

Immigrants come to this country to better their lives. The country promises them nothing short of the American Dream. Thousands of immigrants celebrate the day that they too can become American and be granted the power to vote for change. As I glance at the outpouring of ethnic Americans delirious that they have elected one of their own people to bring about about this change, I am transported to the scores of people in my homeland. Where I come from, we need change to.  So unlike other immigrants, today I realize how important it is to hold on to my citizenship.  Inspired by America, I too stand for transformation.

The Times featured Barack Obama on its front page today, the title of the story was The New World.  Back in the days of the explorers, ancient civilizations referred to American shores as The New World. Who does America see when she looks into the mirror today? How do others look at her from across the borders? As she who promises the American Dream laced with ingrained prejudice? Or as she who provides an opportunity for a new tomorrow?

As Barack Obama expressed with much poetry in his victory speech, the true genius of America is that America can change. And with that genius, it can change the world.


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Photo credit: Oli Scarff / Getty