In China, Even Small Cities Spend Big

This story was written for the Asian Wall Street Journal's "China Real Time Report." A new survey into consumer behavior in China overturns a commonly held belief: China’s biggest spenders live in big cities…and small towns, too. Up to now, many global companies,...

Real interest rates in the US to remain zero “forever”

Marc Faber, editor of the "Gloom, Boom and Doom report," was a keynote speaker at Asian Investor magazine's 5th Annual Investment Summit last week. He had some interesting things to say about the US Federal Reserve's monetary policy vis-a-vis the financial crisis. Dr....

Kitkat chocolates destroy the Orangutan habitat

Nestle is guilty of purchasing palm oil used in the treat, from a company which allegedly clears Indonesian rainforest lands to develop palm oil plantations instead. Greenpeace says that this has led to the death of more than 1,500 orangutans in a year.

India’s water crisis deepens

While the world praises India's development, the country's acquifirs have been significantly depleted of water in the last several years.  Water is being pumped from wells at a much faster rate than it is replenished by rainfall. India's diminishing access to clean...

Success still a long shot for women in Hong Kong

Hong Kong women are celebrated for their style, glamour and a certain je ne sais quoi that is commonly perceived to result from the power of their purse. But even though women are freer, more educated, and enjoy more legal protection than they did just 20 years ago,...

Will Asian countries impose a carbon tax?

Many Asian countries are looking into the idea but remain apprehensive about imposing a tax that will put them at a disadvantage in their race towards competitiveness. This is in spite of the fact that governments across Asia are creating industry strategies to foster green growth.

Will 2010 be an explosive year for China?

At the outset of every new year, one begins to speculate on how the days will unfold and how one's dreams and desires will play out. In Hong Kong, people look not only at the fact that we are in January of 2010 but also that we are on the eve of a new Chinese Year of...

Earth Day Inspiration

What I love about Earth Day is the inspiration. The opportunity to love the planet by bonding with it, writing about it and getting back into my garden. Not that this is something that I cannot do any other day of the year, quite frankly….but I love the excuse. And the very idea of being a Treehugger of sorts.

As a previous business owner, and as editor of the Inspired Economist, it occurs to me that any new venture undertaken in what I am calling the Green Revival Era, hardly has much meaning if it does not positively impact the community. Which is why, i want to encourage you to think about what great idea you can possibly come up with to benefit the planet, this Earth Day. Your idea might just be exactly what your community needs. If so, consider submitting it to Green Effect.