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Drawing on the 5000-year-old Indian household tradition of natural health – Ayurveda – Forever Young helps you create a lifestyle focused on looking and feeling radiant throughout your life, and on revealing the health and beauty within you. A comprehensive quiz starts you on the way to personalizing your skincare, yoga practice and diet to match your unique body and personality type, all through simple steps that are easy to include in your busy life. Whether your custom health and beauty plans include the cooling ritual of a milk and rice water bath, meditative breathing techniques to complement your workout or the cleansing effects of a detox weekend, this book blends inviting text with informative how-tos so you can attain balance and a healthy glow.

The author, a natural health consultant who has been practising Ayurveda all her life, demonstrates how to make its benefits work for you – through customized yoga routines, specific detox techniques, diet or massage and customized beauty treatments perfected for individual needs. Combining expert advice and guidance, Forever Young points the way to health and beauty that starts inside and lasts for as long as you live.


  1. Georg Mueller

    Dear Reenita,

    just recently I started to go a bit alternative and tried coconut oil as face and body moisturizer. My skin got very dry.

    And prickly. When I slapped butter on my prickly skin, it was an instant relief, so I went further and bought organic Ghee, to apply on face and body. It is ok on my body, but my face is flaky and reddish. I considered to instantly stop it, but a friend mentioned that the face may just need time to adapt, which is often the case using e.g. homeopathic remedies. First the conditions worsens, then it gets better.

    I also read you recommend mixing Ghee with Aloe Vera for Pitta.

    Now I am a bit clueless: may I proceed unless skin will adjust, or try Aloe. Or leave it alltogehter, go back to using oil (have used skin oil, no complaints) and then try again. Maybe the current dryness is the result of the cocnut oil and skin is in such a state it cannot adjust.

    My personal stats: male caucasian, 45 years old, life in Berlin, Germany. According to my research Pitta type.

    Your adivse would be very appreciated.

    Thanks a lot, regards from Berlin


    • admin

      Hi George

      If you are indeed a Pitta type then ghee would be ideal for you. I suggest continue using it until you see the difference. it might take a bit of time as your friend rightly mentioned. How cold is it in Berlin now? Once the weather gets a little warmer, you can begin to alternate the ghee with aloe vera. Let me know how it goes.


  2. shreya

    Hi reenita.

    I read your book and it proved to be extremely insightful. A simple read and a good entry into understanding the basics of ayurveda and your doshas.

    This might come across as a little absurd, but i had made detailed notes as to what ubtans, moisturisers etc to get from forest essentials ( iam a mix of vatta & pitta dosha, predominantly vatta), and have lost the detailed notes that i have made. I lent the book to someone who hasnt returned it and is untraceable. I need someone to buy the products and send them across to where i am in the next 2 days.

    I do hope you can furbish me with the facial & body ubtans & moisturisers for vatta type so i can have it picked up and sent to me.

    Warmth and best,


    • admin

      Hi Shreya

      Great to hear from you. Glad that you enjoyed my book. Apologies for the delayed response. I have been traveling. Did you manage to find everything you needed already or can I help you further?



  3. Sonia

    hi reenita

    Can pitta imbalance lead to harmonal imbalance ??? because I have been diagnosed with multi cystic ovaries ?? please suggest the precautions and diet

    Thank you

    • admin

      Yes it certainly can. I would suggest you make an appointment with a licensed Ayurvedic doctor as you will need a specific, customized plan.

  4. Billiga byggvaror

    Wonderful posting, Me an important believer with leaving responses on sites to assist the blog freelance writers realize that they’ve added a process excellent towards the world wide web!

    • admin

      Thanks – I welcome your feedback any time.


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