Sarah Palin Has Come Under the Radar For Primping

Americans are clearly not used to seeing a woman run for the second highest political office in the country. Notwithstanding the huge uproar about all that she has spent on her clothing, would GOP voters really want to see her show up at the campaign trail in her woolly fleece from Alaska? Of course not! It would be a colossal let down for the Republican Party’s image.

With all the criticism flying around about how no candidate ever before has spent the party’s money to primp, has anybody considered that no candidate ever before was a woman? Women need to primp. Isn’t this one of the oldest known and truest cliches that exist in our society?

Hilary Clinton did not spend her party’s money to primp like Sarah Palin , you might say. Well just take one look at the difference between their financial pockets; the Clintons are significantly more wealthy than the Palins.

Palin’s People Power

Sarah Palin is the subject of huge criticism and all sorts of alleged controversy but one thing is for sure, she is definitely the Talk of the Town. Even if Barack Obama becomes President, it is fair to say that the last ten weeks of the election campaign have been about Sarah Palin. She draws tens of thousands to her rallies, and I cannot believe that everybody goes purely for the entertainment.

Don’t get me wrong, I can find plenty of reasons to poke holes at the GOP campaign and at Palin’s stand of various issues (such as her stand on abortion and her avid passion for hunting) but the reality is that Palin was sworn in as Alaska’s youngest and first woman governor in December 2006. As governor, Palin has spoken out against corruption, battled for funding from major oil producers and convinced the legislature to give a $1,200 “energy rebate” to nearly every Alaskan. Her approval rating in the state stands at 80 percent. Reuters.

If John McCain does not become the next President, then the word is that this lady from Alaska might have a brighter future in Hollywood as the next Oprah or Sean Hannity.

I say that Sarah Palin more than stands a chance in 2012.

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