When you Think Asia, do you think Hong Kong? And when you think Hong Kong, do you think design and creativity? Bonnie Chan Woo is the CEO of the Icicle Group. She has just returned from just back from the TDC’s “Think Asia, Think Hong Kong” held in Chicago last week, and was my guest on Money For Nothing on Friday, June 19th 2015.

“HK used to be a sourcing hub for many brands…but in the past decade, things have shifted,” she said. “Brands are looking into HK more as a gateway to take advantage of the explosive growth of the Chinese consumer market.”

What are the market trends that brands should absolutely be aware of today?

“They absolutely need to be aware of the growth of the Gen-Y consumers that respond very differently to marketing messages and tactics,” Bonnie replied.

This is a Periscope broadcast featuring  my interview with Bonnie.

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