It’s the time of the year when many folks are busy preparing treatments to alleviate the dry and damaging effects of the vata dosha.

If you are looking for specific vata balancing recipes to prepare at home then you might want to check out my Inner Beauty book or video for specific tips and ideas. Some of you have been doing this already and have sent in questions relating to the recipes themselves. As always, I am happy to answer your queries.

One question that I received recently related to rice starch powder. This is an ingredient that can be purchased at Chinese grocery stores. However, there is a simple way to make your own. Take a cupful of rice and soak it in water for about thirty minutes at which point you will note that the water has turned milky. This milky water is rice starch, perfect for moisturizing baths to balance the dry skin of the vata dosha.

Another question I received recently was how to emulsify rose water and ghee when preparing a moisturizer of ghee, rosewater and honey. In this situation, it is best to blend the honey with the rosewater first, and then mix this into warm liquefied ghee. This moisturizer by the way is one of the best for dry skin types. I would actually recommend that you apply it on to your face and body prior to having a warm (as opposed to hot) shower.