Discover natural wellness with the traditions of Ayurveda
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Inner Beauty draws on the teachings of Ayurveda, India’s ancient tradition of natural health, to create a lifestyle centered on positive health. This is a 50 minute program about self care rituals based upon Ayurveda. Somewhere between a documentary and non-fiction ‘how-to’ story, the film likens itself to a Julia Child or Martha Stewart type approach to holistic health encompassing a brief history of the medicine, information about the different mind-body constitutions, and the specific self care rituals that can be customized to your own specific needs.

The cultural story and background information in the first part leads you to personalizing your own skincare, diet and detox rituals which are then outlined in the second part of the video. Whether your custom Ayurvedic self care plans including the cooling ritual of a herbal bath, meditative breathing techniques or the cleansing effect of a detox weekend, this video will guide you and help you to find the balance that we all crave in our hectic lives. Shot entirely in the Himalayan mountains and produced in India, the video features Reenita Malhotra Hora, (Ayurveda Clincian, Author of Inner Beauty, published by Chronicle Books) as the anchor.