• Introduction to Ayurveda

    Introduction to Ayurveda

Are you generally feeling out of it? Do you have a low appetite for food, fitness and what should otherwise be fun? Is your fatigue getting you down?

Low energy, poor digestion and a lack of self care are the top reasons why people don’t get the most out of their day. It all comes down to knowing how to harmonize your mind-body with your natural environment.

So if you are looking to put the spring back in your step as you step into Spring…and by the way, all puns are intended…then maybe you need to take a look at how the timeless and age-old practices of Ayurveda can help. Translated from Sanskrit as ‘The Science of Life’ it’s no secret that this is longevity medicine can put the zing back into your day.

Join me at an “Introduction to Ayurveda” workshop at the Yoga Room on Sunday March 30th at 2pm.

Starting with an introduction to doshas, the three basic mind-body energies, you will learn what that means for you and how to integrate the principles of Ayurveda to balance your mind-body so that you can truly achieve your wellness potential. It’s the surefire holistic approach to long term beauty and health.

For sign ups and more information please visit the Yoga Room website. Click here.