While being green was once identified with Kermit the Frog or St. Patrick’s Day, the term has now become synonymous with eco-friendly values. The health of the planet is directly proportional to our individual health. Ayurvedically speaking, green is considered to be a cool color but in the business world green is hotter than ever. Many businesses are now looking to differentiate themselves by going green in their policy and practices.

On the parent front, the color green has begun to shade many different aspects of our hybrid agenda. While managing somehow to incorporate eco-friendly values into work and home, our greater challenge lies in getting our kids on board. Given that today is Earth Day, it cannot be a better day to talk to your kids about their responsibility towards the planet. While it’s easier to talk with middle and high schoolers, there is no such thing as starting too young. Easier said then done, huh? Not to worry, the media is here to help.

I have been working with a group of highly creative individuals to help give birth to Gorilla in the Greenhouse, an animated web show that encourages kids to take action on environmental issues facing their generation. The pilot episode which addresses the growing heap of plastic trash in the North Pacific Gyre, launched today on Earth Day TV Network and www.greengorilla.com. Both sites include actions that kids can take in their communities as well as a curriculum for teachers. Birthing the process has opened up many interesting insights into the minds of kids and their ever competitive parents.

We recently held a focus group at my home to understand an examine kids’ reactions to the show. Unlike some of the parents, all the kids in the focus group loved the show and seemed to understand both its message and its humor. Many of them wanted to immediately sign up for a green taskforce to take action on the issue of plastic waste, and we are talking about eight to nine year olds. It was very inspiring indeed. So if you are looking for great content to spark your green parenting creativity, then say check out Kijani, the visionary Green Gorilla.

Happy Earth Day to you!