Eco Child’s Play recently ran a series of stories about women’s birth experiences. As a writer for the column I contributed. Not specifically to share my own childbirth story (I am sure everybody would be happier if I spared the details) but because it drew light on something else: the interconnected bonds between mothers and daughters. Like most incidences in my personal history, my daughter’s birth…ten years ago, was a series of episodes in dysfunctional family behavior. That it engendered another intense mother-daughter relationship in our family is something which I have only recently begun to realize.

My own mother does not visit us as often as I would like. However when she does, then my husband blatantly observes that her highly charged interaction with our daughter and myself, resembles three generations of the same woman debating with herself after a Grande size order of strong coffee. It is enough to make him reconsider his presence and exit for relief through yoga.

My story was picked up by Reuters. So I decided to post the story on my site. Check out the story on Reuters: Labor of Love, A Mother’s Work.