I have received a series of questions from various folks following my recent post Leeches Help You Live Longer. Although a bizarre concept for many, this detox ritual has been a mainstay of Indian medicine for centuries. Banaras Hindu University recently released a news video showing leech therapy procedures for treating certain types of hair loss.

Since I know that many of you are curious, I decided to post a few different links to useful articles relating to leech therapy in Ayurveda. You can click on the titles to get to each article.

Leech Therapy Makes a Comeback in Modern India

A story about how this therapy has made a comeback since Demi Moore declared it an anti-aging treatment.

Hirudrotherapy – The Leech Therapy

A story about how experts at the Benares Hindu University in Uttar Pradesh successfully use non-poisonous leeches to treat ailments, ranging from paralysis to osteoarthritis.


A link to Mehdi, a leech therapist in Australia.