My Little Pakora: A New Line of Organic Baby Clothes Inspired By India

As an Indian, I have to say that I have a big soft spot for fashion that is inspired by or connected to South Asia. One thing I definitely missed about living in India when my kids were younger, was the opportunity to shop for them in the bazaars of New Delhi and Calcutta like my mom did for me.

So, I was absolutely thrilled to receive an email the other day from Sonia Gupta, a mom entrepreneur in Massachusetts, who has recently launched My Little Pakora, a website with Organic Baby Clothing and information on green living.

Her motivation?

“As parents, we all want to raise our children in the healthiest way we can,” says Gupta. “By combining the traditions of no-Western cultures with the latest information about organic living, My Little Pakora gives parents unique ideas, education and practical support to help them live healthier for their own families and the larger environment.”

Gupta left a high powered career in startup technology companies around the Greater Boston area to form this online organic baby clothing retailer and multicultural resource center that blends the latest information about sustainable lifestyles with the cultural traditions of South Asia. I say more people should leave their autopilot careers to do interesting things like Gupta. We certainly have a need for it.

A pakora is an Indian snack, similar to a fritter. Like many other South Asian parents, Gupta has used the word as an endearing term for her child. Hence the name of her clothing line. Gupta’s collection is too cute to express in words. Alas…my kids are growing out of their too cute to express in words phase but I am sure that plenty of moms out there South Asian or not can benefit from Gupta’s unique organic baby line!

Check it out at

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  2. I know from first hand that organic cotton clothing is a great way to naturally alleviate some skin conditions.

    That is an easy call since conventional methods of cotton production use such harsh chemicals.

    I have heard some varying numbers on the amount, but everyone agrees the chemicals just are bad for the earth and us.

    “Traditional cotton production also attributes to 25% of worldwide insecticide use and 10% of worldwide pesticide use.”

  3. ahmad says:

    send me your profom

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