Polish Your Wood Floors With Neem Oil To Keep Termites Away

The neem plant has been used for generations to prevent the buildup of fungus, bacteria and pests both inside and outside the body. In addition to or instead of waxing your wood furniture and floors, consider polishing them with a light coat of neem oil.  Alternatively, you can simply add a cupful of neem oil into the mix the next time you wax your floors. You will achieve wonderful results in terms of keeping termites away.

Keep Wood Surfaces Clean With Vinegar and Water

For floors and other wood surfaces there’s no need to use commercial all-purpose cleaners, which may contain phenol compounds, solvents and surfactants. Oil soap was originally intended for and works beautifully on wood. If you do not want to purchase a specially formulated oil soap then vinegar and water works just as well on wood finishes. Whatever you do, avoid the use ammonia on wood. Many make the mistake of using it but the reality is that over time it can ruin the finish of your furniture or floors.