Obama vs. McCain: Who Will Better Support Joe The Plumber?

In the final presidential debate, the issue of the economy was all-pervasive. McCain addressed his comments to Joe Wurzelbacher, a plumber who confronted Obama about his tax policies at a recent Obama rally in Toledo, Ohio. For a considerable amount of time, McCain and Obama debated over who would do a better job for “Joe the Plumber.”

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2 Responses to Obama vs. McCain: Who Will Better Support Joe The Plumber?

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  2. nobamaanytime says:

    If Joe has received the treatment he has received because he asked Obama one question what would happen to the rest of us if Obama is elected?? In other words, you speak against him and he will make your life miserable. Freedom of speech? Maybe for at least a couple of more weeks if he is elected so better make the most of it now and not let Obama know you have spoken against him or questioned him about anything he plans for this country. God help us all if he becomes president. Joe asked a legitimate question that all of us wanted an answer to and he has become a national phenomenon. He cannot work or have any privacy at all now because he asked that one question. What would happen if you questioned Obama’s entire policy?

    Remember all of this has happened BEFORE he is put in charge of this country if people are dumb enough to elect him.

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