“Hey – wanna have some serious fun?”

“That’s an oxymoron, fun is the antithesis of serious.”

She shot me her classic glance of disapproval, her head tilted at a 45 degree angle.

“Ila, will you ever give me a break? Oxy-schmoxy…your quips are moronic.”

I bit my lip, as usual Deepali had a point.

“So there’s this author-chick in Hong Kong….some Hora woman…seriously, how do you walk through life with a name like that?”

“The same way you walk through life with an attitude like that,” I replied, indignant on behalf of Ms. Hora, whoever she was poor thing.

“Chillax already, she’s a friend of Dr. Mirno…you know my Facebook shrink…and also Aunty Maleeka….she’s doing some sort of stand-up show on Sunday at Cyberport where she is going to be talking about Erotomania and how to stalk George Michael through his cat.

Whatever! Like I cared about George Michael or his cat.


“Yaar enough with your literary fundas. Just show up on Sunday – Cyberport 3, Training Room 1 Core F. Dr Mirno is going to be there and apparently they have Maggi noodles….”

Here is a picture of Dr. Mirno, Facebook’s most famous shrink from the Chinese University in Hong Kong

Cyberport? Were we about to undergo training for yet another internet journey to  examine the tribulations of erotomania? This author must be nuts!

“Yeah I know what you are thinking,” Deepali said, glancing down at her nails, “I should do my nails before Sunday.”

That girl, you never know what pearls of wisdom that she is going to produce!

“Gosh Deepali, you are so shallow.”

She looked up at me perfectly non-plussed. “C’mon Ila, beautiful hands are not a reflection of the depth of your character.”

Cyberport, Hong Kong

Cyberport, Hong Kong

Operation Mom: How I got my Mother a Life and a Man launches in Hong Kong on Sunday March 16th at 5 pm.   Cyberport 3, Training Room 1. For more details please visit the Hong Kong International Young Readers’ Festival website or facebook page.