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Born and raised in Bombay, I grew up in a classic ‘Bhel Puri’ culture. One in which the end product tastes only as good as the sum of its parts… meshed together with a bug or two for good measure.  One in which the end product tastes only as good as the sum of its parts… meshed together with a bug or two for good measure.

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Operation Mom – How I got my mother a life… and a man by Reenita Malhotra Hora – YA – Realistic Fiction/Humor – 11th grade and up – What could go wrong when you try to redirect your overly involved mom’s focus? Did you ever think that you could spice up a parent’s romantic life? Here’s one special humorous fiction young adult book set in India that I really enjoyed. Solid, entertaining story all the way through with a variety of twists and turns that kept me laughing. I also enjoyed the natural integration of technology throughout…


The Styling Librarian

When it comes to Indian tradition, usually you’d expect mothers to be setting up their daughters and not the other way around. And you’d never expect a daughter to scour internet dating sites to find a boyfriend for her mom. Hora twists the norms of what you’d expect as her colorful narrative paints the picture of dysfunctional Indian families. And what family isn’t dysfunctional? It’s so nice to see it in a South Asian context.


Mary Steebs

Effortless writing and a great mixture of mythology and fiction makes, When Arya Fell Through The Fault, a good read for people of age in general, but I think that kids would find it more interesting in particular because of the plot, setting and vocabulary used. The seamless transition from real to unreal, in the book, makes it more interesting. The cover of the book, is very apt wherein you can see Arya between good and the evil. My concluding thought of the book is that it conveys the message that the stories of Ramayan are still valid and has great learning for life.


Kaushal Mahesh Gupta

Reenita Hora has used good language which makes you even more interested in the story. I wasn’t sure by the plot that the story would be able to impress me enough but the way first half has been written creates enough excitement in you to know what happened in the climax. Few scenes are wonderfully described by the authoress. My personal favorite is the one where she gets to know about her mother’s history and get surprised as to why is she being restricted to get obsessed by Ali Zafar.


Abhilash Ruhela

The Best part is

The conclusion. Nothing can be as amazing as that. After reading it I was like “How can the Author make something so sad the happiest moment in the book??”

It is such a beautiful ending that I must have read it around five times just to relive the emotions I felt while reading it.


Vibha Hegde

A fantastic novel for children with a blend of reality, fiction & mythical background that I read in a long time! It is a book about a 12 year old boy’s life, his troubles & thoughts are reflected through each page with precise details. I was intrigued by the book while reading it’s prologue and knew in an instant that I will have it on my bookshelf for sure (how I wish it happens with every book so I know where to invest my time reading in, however, unfortunately that is not the case with every book). It starts with a dream and that is where all the adventures & action take place.I simply love how the author has played beautifully with words and written an adventurous story-line on struggle, culture, roots & teachings of Ramayana. A story so well connected and reasoned, I don’t think there was a scope of picking out a mistake.


Megha Jain

Behind the scenes at Money for Nothing – June 19th 2015

Since many of you are very curious to know what happens behind the scenes at Radio 3, I have decided to use Periscope.tv as an attempt to show you the inner working of the show. As you can see, there is much ADHD involved as I am working the board, reading the...

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