Palin Vs. Biden: Who Actually Won?

I have to admit, my main reason for watching tonight’s debate was that I didn’t want to miss the entertainment, but the as it turns out, I was fully engrossed. Much as I was expecting Sarah Palin to be walked all over by Joe Biden, I was pleasantly surprised at how she handled the questions and the attack.

There was no solid opinion on the bailout plan and the state of the economy that particularly made me jump out of my seat. And their response on many issues would actually lead one to wonder if there is much of a difference in their policies. However, they did have some staunch differences on a few things like tax and healthcare.

One issue that I found particularly interesting was both candidates’ take on energy and climate change. I actually blogged about it: Vice-Presidential Debate: Palin vs. Biden On Global Warming.

Your thoughts? I am curious.

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2 Responses to Palin Vs. Biden: Who Actually Won?

  1. Marc Spencer says:

    Please, America, tell me it isn’t true? Is that all it takes to be fit for the vice presidency? Ignore the questions you are asked? Deploy the carbon-copy speeches you were trained to say, over and over again? Give answers to questions you weren’t asked?
    The only way Sarah Palin did succeed in the debate was by being able to utter complete sentences most of the time. By sticking to the script like a fly to a glue trap. As if someone had wound her up and sent her to the debate like a toy soldier.

    I was going to vote for John McCain, even tough I favoured Mike Huckabee. But Sarah Palin changed that; she’s an embarrassment.

    I’m not so sure I want that to be true for a possible POTUS…

  2. jwm says:

    who won?? Sarah Palin with one missed name, while Biden had 14 known LIES, and many major gaffes like VP’s only duty is in the Senate and Hezbollah was kicked out of Lebanon, need I go on??

    clearly Sarah Palin made “middle class” connection not millionare Joe.

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