Review for Operation Mom

The Styling Librarian
Operation Mom – How I got my mother a life… and a man by Reenita Malhotra Hora – YA – Realistic Fiction/Humor – 11th grade and up – What could go wrong when you try to redirect your overly involved mom’s focus? Did you ever think that you could spice up a parent’s romantic life? Here’s one special humorous fiction young adult book set in India that I really enjoyed. Solid, entertaining story all the way through with a variety of twists and turns that kept me laughing. I also enjoyed the natural integration of technology throughout…
I chatted with another recent reader of Operation Mom, my friend Amy, and we agreed on a few things:
1. Reenita is a fantastic, talented dialogue writer. There’s natural flow and maintained throughout Operation Mom (along with wit, sarcasm, and memorable characters!).
2. It was a wonderful challenge as readers to adjust and then feel like we’re actually visiting Mumbai with the word choice that naturally is integrated throughout the text. There were many words we both didn’t know before but could figure out using context to understand what they mean.
3. We loved the ending. Brilliant choices all the way through that led to an ending we both agreed was fantastic.