Review for Operation Mom

Mary Steebs

When it comes to Indian tradition, usually you’d expect mothers to be setting up their daughters and not the other way around. And you’d never expect a daughter to scour internet dating sites to find a boyfriend for her mom. Hora twists the norms of what you’d expect as her colorful narrative paints the picture of dysfunctional Indian families. And what family isn’t dysfunctional? It’s so nice to see it in a South Asian context.

This story is as much about mother-daughter relationships as it is about Mumbai in a contemporary setting. Having been there, I can actually recognize some of the places where the characters hang out and it makes me want to go back for more, now that I see it through their eyes.

As for the humor, it’s not often that you find South Asian authors with such a fresh and unique, contemporary humorous style. In some ways, it reminds me of an Indian Sarah Silberman or something like Mindy Kaling in Mumbai. For this alone I really loved the book.

Also want to know if there is a sequel. I am wondering how things pan out.