SOS: The day everything went wrong

SOS – The day that everything went wrong.

Those have actually amounted to a bunch of days in my life and just when I think it can’t possibly get worse, it does. And every single time I wonder ‘how did it get to this?’

I found this posted from sometime last year… from one of SPEAK’s storytelling sessions. SPEAK is an absolutely wonderful opportunity for storytelling in Hong Kong.  I actually need to make it out there more often but as usual, life has a knack of getting in the way.

I had forgotten about the trauma involved with the early days of parenting or perhaps the truth is that I shut it out of my conscious mind because the one thing I will not achieve in this life time is an award for being the Perfect Mother.  

So when it comes to attempts at award-winning parenting, I gonna say R.I.P. But as my son, Arya reminds me, we are Hindu so R.I.P. naturally stands for Reincarnation in Process. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time around.




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