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“Brown Martha Wisdom”: Make This Thanksgiving Affordable and Green

So, when NBC11 came to interview me about this last week, I decided to focus on ‘affordability’ above anything else. Of course it was fun walking around the Ferry Building posing as what has popularly come to be known as ‘Brown Martha (Stewart).’ And with plenty of maple leaves to gather from the parks nearby, my table centerpieces turned out to be organic in the true sense of the word.

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Get The Kids Involved In A Green Thanksgiving

I spent the morning with NBC11 today as they were recording an interview about how to have a Green Thanksgiving (they air the first segment this Thursday at 6.45pm Pacific as part of their Green Week programming, so set your tivo). Now as SustainLane’s Lifestyle Editor, I am always looking for an excuse to visit the Farmer’s Market, play ‘Martha Stewart’ at home and basically… talk Turkey! But this one I could not have managed without the kids. I put together this simple video to show you how they helped.

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