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How Do You Deal With A Child’s Questions About Terrorism?

Whether terrorism is economically driven or whether it occurs due to religious strife, we can no longer rely on others to protect us. What can we do as individuals to make the world we live in a safer place for our children?

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Café Mondegar – Your Home Away from Home

If there is one place in Mumbai that reminds me of “Cheers”, the famous Boston cafe immortalized in the American TV show by the same name, it’s Cafe Mondegar (or Mondy’s as the locals call it) on Colaba Causeway. Most Mumbaikars (i.e. Mumbai locals) frequent the cafe during their college days and then return to it for a sense of nostalgia, sometime later in life. Invariably it also becomes the Mumbai visitors� local haunt because this is where they can really get to know the locals. Property deals and business contracts are struck on a regular basis at this Mumbai landmark.

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