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Ayurvedic Rememdies For Colds & Flu

Cold and flu got you down? Turn to your Ayurvedic medicine cabinet to help you kick those flu blues.’

According to Ayurvedic medicine, the common cold results largely from an imbalance of the Kapha and Vata doshas. Vata (air-space element combination) imbalances lower immunity. This invariably leads to a build up of the Kapha dosha (water-space element combination) to compensate. However, Kapha mechanisms typically overcompensate to make up for the ‘dryness’ associated with imbalanced Vata and lowered immunity. The result is excessive ‘coldness’ that creates mucus. This in turn reduces your ‘Agni’ or gastric fire, leading you to have the ‘chills.’

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Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Although it grows wild just about all over India, this holy plant can be found in many homes and temple gardens. Ayurvedically speaking, it is the medicinal properties of tulsi that make it sacred.

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