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Diwali – Celebrating The Inner Light Of Your Soul

The Indian tradition believes in the concept of atman, an inner light of strength that resides in the individual soul. Just as each individual celebrates the birth of his physical being each year, Diwali celebrates the inner strength of the soul.

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Diwali, India’s Holiday Celebrating Wealth And Prosperity

A picture says so much more than words and a moving picture speaks straight to the heart. Watch this wonderful video to understand Diwali, India’s Festival of Light that celebrates wealth, happiness and prosperity. Wishing You All The Very Best for the New Year.

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Diwali, Indian Holiday, An Opportunity for Eco Business

Diwali, India’s Festival Of Light, is the most important holiday for the global Indian community. As much as it is a time to participate in family traditions, it is also a huge commercial opportunity for businesses, retailers and vendors that cater to the needs of the growing Indian community.

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