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Who Hasn’t Seen Gorilla In The Greenhouse?

If there is one piece of animation that always puts a smile on my face, it’s Gorilla in the Greenhouse, a fun animation about Kijani, a wise green gorilla from the Congo basin and his four super eco San Francisco friends who get together to tackle environmental problems caused by the zany plans of Wormulus, a a power hungry worm.

The first episode known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is about the north pacific gyre, a swirling current in the Pacific ocean that macerates pieces of plastic down to sizes small enough to be swallowed by marine animals. Not to mention endanger their health. Recently an environmentalist duo, Marcus and Joel, from Southern California, decided to sail across the Pacific Ocean on a junk raft made from plastic bottles and recycled sailboat masts to raise awareness about plastics polluting our oceans.

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