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Diwali, India’s Holiday Celebrating Wealth And Prosperity

A picture says so much more than words and a moving picture speaks straight to the heart. Watch this wonderful video to understand Diwali, India’s Festival of Light that celebrates wealth, happiness and prosperity. Wishing You All The Very Best for the New Year.

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Ayurveda – An Ancient Tool for Modern Living

Many people ask me about Ayurveda – how it is applicable to modern life…is it applicable at all? While it might be hard to fathom how a system of medicine 5,000 years old can apply to us today, as an Ayurvedic traditionalist, I find comfort in knowing that although we have evolved as a race, our basic health needs and wants have not changed drastically over the course of civilization. And trherein lies the healing power of Ayurveda. I refer to it as a wisdom practice because its tried and tested methods have been passed down the ages as healing wisdom.

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