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India’s Alphonso Mango – The King Of Fruit

The mango is so widely available in India, that the fruit itself is named Aam which translates from Sanskrit as ‘common.’ Even though the Indian subcontinent is home to more than a thousand varieties of mango, most Indians identify the fruit with the Alphonso variety.

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India’s water crisis deepens

While the world praises India’s development, the country’s acquifirs have been significantly depleted of water in the last several years.  Water is being pumped from wells at a much faster rate than it is replenished by rainfall. India’s diminishing access …

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Will Asian countries impose a carbon tax?

Many Asian countries are looking into the idea but remain apprehensive about imposing a tax that will put them at a disadvantage in their race towards competitiveness. This is in spite of the fact that governments across Asia are creating industry strategies to foster green growth.

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Tulsi or Holy Basil – India’s Sacred Medicinal Herb

Tulsi or the Holy Basil is sacred to the Hindus because of its healing powers As an adaptogen, it helps maintain blood sugar levels and it elevates the spirit.

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Bhai Dooj – The Final Day of Diwali, India’s Biggest Holiday

The five-day-long festival of Diwali ends with the celebration of Bhai-Dooj.

This final day of Diwali cherishes the affectionate relationship between brothers and sisters. A sister prays for her brother’s longevity and in return the brother promises to protect her for life.

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Diwali: Welcome Lakshmi Into Your Home By Cleansing With Ayurveda

Diwali, India’s Festival Of Light, is the largest and most important holiday for the global Indian community. Considered to be the Indian new year, it is a time when the entire family gets together to participate in wellness traditions and festivities that hark back to the days of ancient India.

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Diwali, India’s Festival of Light

Diwali, or Dipawali, is India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year. The festival gets its name from the row (avali) of clay lamps (or deepa) that Indians light outside their homes to symbolize the inner light that protects us from spiritual darkness. This festival is as important to Hindus as the Christmas holiday is to Christians.

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My Little Pakora: A New Line of Organic Baby Clothes Inspired By India

As an Indian, I have to say that I have a big soft spot for fashion that is inspired by or connected to South Asia. One thing I definitely missed about living in India when my kids were younger, was the opportunity to shop for them in the bazaars of New Delhi and Calcutta like my mom did for me.

So, I was absolutely thrilled to receive an email the other day from Sonia Gupta, a mom entrepreneur in Massachusetts, who has recently launched My Little Pakora, a website with Organic Baby Clothing and information on green living.

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Following India’s New Biofuels Policy, Renewable Energy Players Vie For Oilseed Cultivation

India’s new biofuels policy has been the talk of the town.
Biofuels Policy

First the Indian government releases its new biofuels policy setting a target of 20% ethanol and 20% biodiesel blending by 2017. The policy is questionable because as we all know, India is already suffering an inflation in food prices. While the new policy requires fuel crops are to be grown only on “waste lands”, we all know that Indian farmers work in their own economic interest. If they get more money from oilseeds, then that’s what they will look to cultivate.

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Real Estate Investment Without The Hassle

In the recent years, the Indian market has become populated with a variety of commerical and residential real estate investment vehicles that have made it easier for people to reap the benefits of its growing property market without actually buying a physical piece of property. Here is an article that I wrote recently about the various investment vehicles available to you. Check it out, you might find yourself itching to invest in an information technology park or a large scale shopping mall with a multiplex theater.

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