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Ayurveda 101: A Lepa Remedy For Poison Oak

Lately, I have been getting a series of Ayurvedic remedy requests for poison oak. Oddly enough, they all seem to be coming from pregnant mamas or women who are planning to be pregnant. But when I provide my favorite poison oak relief recipe with turmeric, I am presented with nerves and anxiety. Is it safe for a pregnant woman to use turmeric?
The Story With Pregnant Mamas Using Turmeric

First, it’s important to understand that turmeric is highly detoxifying and cleansing. Which is why it is commonly used in various Ayurvedic detox remedies. Now when it comes to pregnancy and breastfeeding, a soon-to-be mother is not usually advised to take detoxifying herbs and spices internally in a ‘medicinal capacity’ as it can cause her to release toxins right into the baby’s bloodstream or into her breast milk. By ‘medicinal capacity,’ I mean several capsules-ful or several spoonfuls. A pinch of turmeric in your cooking is not going to harm you. Same goes for other detoxifying herbs like manjishtha (a heaven-sent blood purifier).

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