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Economy In Recession: The Cost of Allowing Lehman Brothers to Fail

The failure of Lehman Brothers is seen as the last straw that broke the credit market. Did Paulson make a big mistake?

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Is Your Money Safe Where It Is?

Everyone is petrified of losing even more money than they already have. Yes, I mean even more, because I do not think that that there is anyone out there who has not lost something in this crazy whirlwind of stock market yo-yo-ing lately. And by anyone, I mean the average Joe out there…I am not referring to ex Lehman folks who have lost all of what they worked for these last several years, or the Morgan Stanley/Goldman Sachs folks who seem to be following in footsteps of their cousins at Lehman.

The good news is that according to Ron Lieber some investments might just be safe.

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Death of Wall Street, Rise of Main Street

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc., Japan’s largest bank, will inject 900 billion yen ($8.4 billion) into Morgan Stanley to help it transition to a bank holding company. Goldman Sach’s strategy is slightly different albeit with the same ultimate objective i.e. to become a commercial bank. According to Bloomberg, Goldman already has in excess of $20 billion in customer deposits in two subsidiaries and is creating a new one, GS Bank USA, that will have more than $150 billion of assets, making it one of the 10 largest banks in the U.S.

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What Will the Financial Crisis Mean for Corporate Social Responsibility?

In view of the current financial crisis, it is hard to grasp the fact that overnight investment banks once regarded the kings of Wall Street, are teetering on the edge of stability. The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers has threatened the survival of Morgan Stanley in spite of the fact that it has just declared great earnings. All eyes are on Morgan and Goldman Sachs, the two big I-banks left standing. Will they go next? What will this mean for corporate social responsibility in the investment banking sector?

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Fear Spreads to Asian Markets As Free Market Economics Falter

Asia is watching in shock and wondering why if the problems are in the US, are the markets here selling off more dramatically.

It is back to fear tactics which immediately offset the fight or flight syndrome. In this case it is definitely all about flight. Asia in particular appears to be more volatile than other markets. It is based on sentiment according to Dan Parr, the Asia-Pacific head for BrandRapport, a consulting firm. Morgan Stanley might have released very positive third quarter earnings but nobody wants to believe that this is any indicator of their health. It is like withdrawing your bet from the fastest runner in the race because everybody else tells you that he’s surviving on steroids. Morgan and Goldman stock has come under such selling assault that their share price has gone down drastically. Investors are instead snapping up three-month Treasury bills with virtually no yield pushing gold to its biggest one-day gain in nearly 10 years. The only truly happy person must be the Indian housewife who has become rich overnight by virtue of her stridhan (gold jewelery inherited by an Indian woman at the time of her wedding).

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