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Ayurvedic Detox: Leeches Help You Live Longer

While most people squirm at the thought of blood sucking leeches, Ayurvedic medicine has had an obsession with these creatures for centuries. Leeches are a critical player in an age old form of Ayurvedic detoxification known as Rakta Moksha i.e. the letting of toxic blood. The technique, drawn from ancient Ayurvedic scriptures such as the Charak Samhita and the Sushrut Samhita has been a stronghold of Indian village medicine for centuries, says Dr. O.P. Singh of Banaras Hindu University, India’s renowned Ayurvedic educational institution.

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Are You Living A Toxic Life?

Ask yourself the question, then stop and think about the answer. Really think. Then ask yourself the question again. The truth is that even if you aspire and try to live a perfectly clean and healthy life, you are loaded with toxins. It is a good idea to stop and think about what make your lifestyle toxic.

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