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Surviving Bankruptcy: To The Doors of Death & Back in A Day

Yesterday we struggled to stay afloat a sinking ship in the bloody seas of the Wall Street crisis. Despite our superior-than-average swimming skills, we did not have much hope for survival. Any internal gossip indicating that an acquisition deal might be done had the caveat ‘perhaps,’ a word that did not have much standing given that Lehman Brothers had fallen down on every hope and promise in the last few days. It was no consolation when a colleague called us last evening, upset that the head of M&A at Lehman was out drinking rather than trying to get the Barclays deal done.

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The Mother of All Mondays: An Insider’s Approach to Tackling the Lehman Brothers Crisis

The blogsphere has labeled today the mother of all Mondays. As I roll out of bed this morning still in a twilight zone from severe lack of sleep over the last 72 hours, a hopeful voice from somewhere inside of me still cries out maybe it was all just a terrible dream. Indeed. Maybe today will be like any other Monday where I can go to work with my morning french roast having dropped the kids off at school.

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