The ‘Forever Young ‘Dosha’ Quiz

This quiz is taken from my book ‘Forever Young – Unleashing the Magic of Ayurveda.’


forever young coverTaking it will help give you a sense of your dominant dosha. While an Ayurvedic doctor or practitioner can most accurately determine your prakruti, this quiz will help you identify your primary dosha, the building block of your self-care routine. For each question, choose as many answers as you feel apply to you. All your answers do not have to be from the same dosha type.

Rather than trying to answer based on how you feel right now, or want to look and feel, think specifically about how you usually look and feel. Whichever dosha you answer with the most often is your predominant dosha. Keep this dosha in mind as you read about the routines for personal care, yoga and diet in the following chapters.

While each of the doshas can go out of balance at any time, it is your dominant dosha that best predicts how you naturally feel. Over time, you can repeat this quiz to see what your dominant