U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman at the APEC meeting in Beijing - Reuters

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman at APEC meeting – Reuters

Two different Meetings of the Minds are set to take place in the region this week.

APEC is already in full swing in Beijing. The US has ruled out a“major announcement” on an ambitious Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), an Asia-Pacific free trade deal. The sticking factor – a deadlock between the US and Japan. The former insists that the latter lower barriers to agricultural imports, but Tokyo wants to protect sensitive products including pork, beef, dairy and sugar.

China is pushing for a separate trade liberalization framework called the Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific (FTAAP) at APEC, but this might be simply to divert attention from the 12-country TPP, which excludes China.

How will APEC affairs set the the tone for the markets as they open Monday morning?

The other Meeting of the Minds starts on Saturday when G20 leaders meet for two days in Brisbane to discuss global issues including the group’s plan to boost their combined GDP by 2% over the next five years.

Other than that, here’s what we’ll be keeping an eye on this week:

Chinese Consumer Prices & Money Supply Data

Consumer prices in September rose at their slowest rate since January 2010, Chinese inflation may even remain unchanged in October. Does this mean that monetary easing has yet to filter through to prices in the broader economy? And what about the fact that aggregate demand may have decreased in October as the government continues its crackdown on shadow financing? Watch for the official figures on Monday.

Virgin America IPO

The IPO of the seven year old airline owned by Richard Branson and its employees, values the company at about $1 billion at the top of the range. Shares will be listed on the Nasdaq and begin trading on Friday.

On Money For Nothing we continue to watch company earnings this week, specifically: Galaxy, Tencent and Cisco. We’ll get an update on the private equity scene in Asia with Rob Petty of Clearwater Capital on Monday and Marcus Thompson of Headland Capital Partners on Tuesday. On Tuesday we also look at the development of Smart Cities in Asia. On Wednesday, Tai Hui, Chief Market Strategist at JP Morgan asset Management shares his thoughts on why the wealthy are holding on to cash. Finally on Thursday, Tytus Michalski of Fresco Capital Advisors and Iain Reed of TIE HK, throw light on early stage investments as a new asset class.

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