A Sonnet for Ilya

Devaki’s spawn, India’s dawn herald my Saturday
To light from dark, I’ll make my mark, my time to ricochet

A generation wakes up to a call for less humdrum
The Apple of its eye shall be the shape of things to come

A monk does burn, the village turns, the richter scale is high
A hundred kith do greet their kin, emotions running high

The market spins from warring twins of currency and trade
To occupy, to live or die, to keep a promise made

The summer stretches long and bright, experience is high
I learn to work, explore my quirk and question ‘Who Am I’

With Boom Boom Pow what happens now, a magical healing
To vivify this butterfly, you Can’t Stop the Feeling

The sturgeon moon shall guide the tune of melodies unsung
To sparkle more the peridot that stays Forever Young

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