Ask yourself the question, then stop and think about the answer. Really think. Then ask yourself the question again. The truth is that even if you aspire and try to live a perfectly clean and healthy life, you are probably loaded with toxins. It’s a good idea to stop and think about some of the things that make your lifestyle toxic.

What Does Toxic Mean?

The word ‘toxin’ comes from the Greek word toxicon referring to a poison that is used on arrows to cause bodily harm. Think about that for starters – an arrow is shot to injure its victim but a toxic arrow creates internal bodily harm sometimes leading to death.

For our intents are purposes, toxins are poisonous substances produced by the living cells and organisms or by external factors such as food, cosmetics and your environment. They are small and exist in low concentrations but remain active in the body. Toxins cause disease if body tissues absorb them.

Their toxic effect can vary greatly. Get this – a bee sting releases a relatively small amount of toxic substances into the blood stream but botulinum toxin (commonly known as ‘botox,’ a commercial skincare treatment) can cause a deadly reaction based upon the amount that is injected into the bloodstream. Botox! The common vanity injection that runs rampant in today’s cosmetic industry!

What Are the Toxic Influences In Your Life?

Frankly, there are several. Consider this,

1. Bio Toxins

These are toxins that are released by animals. You are exposed to them through specific incidences such as bee stings, spider bites or animal droppings.

2. Food Toxins

These are toxins that you absorb through the food you eat everyday. Most often, it has been chemically processed or packaged in facilities that utilize toxic substances like plastics and dioxins.

3. Environmental Toxins

These are toxins are disbursed in the air you breathe and absorbed into your skin. Examples include pollution, car fumes, tobacco, lead and housecleaning products like formaldehydes.

4. Cosmetic Toxins

These are chemicals and poisons found in products and cosmetics such as parabens and sodium laurel sulphate.

5. Internal Toxins

Your body also creates internal toxins. Toxins you release through continuous metabolic processes need to be eliminated effectively to prevent a buildup over time.

Most, toxins exist in concentrations that are too low to cause death, however since they remain active and constantly interact with body tissues, can accumulate and exacerbate their effect over time.

How do you Make Your Lifestyle Less Toxic?

At first thought you might think “if toxins are really coming at me from everywhere then there is not much I can do to stop them from encroaching my health.” Not true. There is actually plenty you can do from a food, and an environmental standpoint.

Over the next few weeks, I will be exploring more about toxic waste in our society and how it severely hampers our health. I will also be exploring the nature of Pitta toxins that cause heat and inflammation in the mind body. Plus simple ways and means to aid natural detoxification in the coming summer months.

Stay posted to stay cool!