At the outset of every new year, one begins to speculate on how the days will unfold and how one’s dreams and desires will play out. In Hong Kong, people look not only at the fact that we are in January of 2010 but also that we are on the eve of a new Chinese Year of the Tiger.

2010 corresponds with Chinese Year of the Tiger

2010 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger (Src:

Associated with passion, power and explosive personality, one can only begin to imagine what the Year of Tiger means for China.

Word has it that this is a big, bold year filled with extremes. Unpredictability is in the air, fortunes can be won or lost and above all, everyone has a dire need for a sense of humor. China, the apparent leader of the new world, is already showing signs of making bold and daring tiger strides.

Already, post Copenhagen, China shows promise of taking the world by storm by having its industrial revolution alongside becoming the leading renewable energy economy on the planet. Today’s International Herald Tribune referred to Shi Yigong, a star biologist at Princeton University who has forsaken a $10 million research grant in favor of moving back to China as Dean of Life Sciences at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

This is even as Chinese manufacturers who previously fabricated goods to U.S. order are now making direct investments into Silicon Valley and Chinese media companies are drawing huge private equity funds with a promise to deliver on wide scale multimedia platforms that have not yet been seen in the West.

Unsettling moments ahead for the West? Or is this simply a case of a Tiger who growls to mask its meowing? My bets are on the former.